Victim Three (Book 9)

Victim Three (Book 9)

Seagate and Miner are thrust into the #MeToo movement at the local university.

Seagate and Miner believe that Cassie Lyons, a graduate student at Central Montana State University, was killed either by her live-in boyfriend or an influential and powerful senior professor with whom she was having an affair. But when a second victim is discovered, the detectives need to revise their theory of the case. Then a third woman disappears. Seagate and Miner race to find her. She is definitely the killer--or the killer's third victim.

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When graduate student Cassandra Lyons is found stabbed behind the wheel of her car in her condo’s garage, Detectives Seagate and Miner suspect her live-in boyfriend, Richard Harson. Only a week before, the police responded to a domestic-disturbance call at their condo. The shouting match had something to do with Richard’s affair with his ex-girlfriend, as well as Cassandra’s ongoing relationship with Will Nyland, a distinguished professor. Cassandra and Nyland had just returned from a professional conference, also attended by another graduate student, Beth Park. When a video shot in a hotel room surfaces, apparently showing Cassandra and Nyland raping Beth Park, the detectives devise a new theory of the case: Beth Park exacted her revenge on her fellow grad student. But when another woman is found dead and Beth Park disappears, the detectives believe she is about to become the third victim.

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