Fractures (Book 5)

Fractures (Book 5)
Publication Year: 2015
Seagate and Miner investigate the murder of Lee Rossman, the city's oil baron and major philanthropist. In his long career, Rossman made many enemies. Some didn't like what he did for a living. Some didn't like the way he lived.
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About the Book

The fracking boom in eastern Montana has minted a handful of new millionaires and one billionaire: Lee Rossman, the president of Rossman Mining and the leading philanthropist in the small city of Rawlings. Rossman is the last person Detectives Seagate and Miner expect to discover dead in the alley next to a strip club. Later, when Lee’s son is found out at the rigs, with significant internal injuries, numerous broken bones, and a belly full of fracking liquid, the detectives know the two crimes are related but can’t figure out how. In their toughest case yet, Seagate and Miner try to solve a mystery awash in enormous fortunes, thwarted ambitions, and grudges both old and new.


From the review by BigAl at BigAl’s Books & Pals (April 8, 2015): “As I’ve read and reviewed previous books in the Seagate and Miner series I’m always struck by how good these characters are. Karen Seagate, a recovering alcoholic with lots of life experience (and more than her share of past mistakes to live down) stands in perfect contrast to her partner, Ryan Miner, a goody two-shoes, Mormon family man. They could easily clash, but instead form a perfect partnership with their differences making the team that much stronger. It seems I can’t rave about them enough . . . Markel has another winner on his hands.”

Reviewers on Amazon offer similar praise:

“I started Fractures this afternoon and finished it tonight. It’s that good.”

“Excellent. Hard to put the book down.”

“A really fascinating whodunit. I’ll look for more from Mr. Markel.”

“Seagate’s sardonic wit is rich. I will be sad to finish this book.”

“On a par with the Michael Connelly books.”

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