Big Sick Heart (Book 1)

Big Sick Heart (Book 1)
Publication Year: 2010
Seagate and her new partner, Ryan Miner, hunt for the killer of Arlen Hagerty, the corrupt leader of Soul Savers, who created plenty of enemies in his ruthless rise to the top. Seagate's own life is consumed by her alcoholism, but nobody believes what she does when she finally catches the killer.
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About the Book

Bad decisions have finally caught up with police detective Karen Seagate. Her drinking has destroyed her marriage and hurt her job performance. Still, she and her new partner, a young Mormon guy who seems to have arrived from another century or another planet, intend to track down whoever killed Arlen Hagerty, the corrupt leader of Soul Savers. Clawing his way to the top, Hagerty created plenty of enemies, including his wife, his mistress, his debate partner, the organization’s founder, and the politician he was blackmailing. When Seagate causes a car crash that sends a young girl to Intensive Care, the chief thinks he finally has his opportunity to fire her. But even the chief can’t believe what Seagate does when she finally catches the killer.


Big Sick Heart was awarded the Book of the Month award from Pacific Book Review in 2010.

Here are some reviews from Amazon readers:

“Oh! I have found a new character series to read. I adore Detective Seagate. The woman has problems like you would not believe–but she gets the bad guys anyway. One of the best lines in the book, “Honey, I’m home,” and she cuddles her bottle of whiskey. So, now you know her major flaw. You’ll like her anyway. Her sidekick, Miner, is a Mormon–straight as a broom stick and funny. Best part, there are two more books in the series already published. No waiting!”

“As someone who really enjoys crime fiction, I found Big Sick Heart to be excellent. It was a fast read (probably because I couldn’t put it down) with a very interesting story line. More than that, though, I finished the book and immediately went to see if the author had written a sequel. I feel like I ‘know’ Karen Seagate (with all of her demons) and Ryan Miner well enough now to want to see them together again. This book will not disappoint you!”

Big Sick Heart sets the stage for what should be a great ride for fans of detective stories. With a new and appealing cast of characters, this series looks to be a winner.”

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