The Reveal Is Off to a Good Start

I published The Reveal about two weeks ago, and I’m pleased that the reviews are starting to come in, and they’re very positive.

Marjorie Meyer’s review is representative:

“As a reader of the five previous Seagate and Miner mysteries, I felt that each book I finished reading would be a hard act to follow. I have lost sleep, been late for work and temporarily ignored family and friends while reading this book. The Reveal is the best yet in the series. Mr. Markel’s ideas for story lines are contemporary page turners that will keep you reading long into the night. The two main characters, different in every way imaginable, have acquired an enviable working relationship. They not only complement each other, but through the series have developed a strong bond. The minor characters are very colorful and entertaining as well. As serious and disturbing as The Reveal’s subject matter is, the scenes and dialogue between characters at times will have you laughing out loud. The author has obviously done his homework as I found this story to be an educational police procedural as well as an outstanding mystery. The Reveal can certainly be read as a stand-alone; however, I strongly recommend reading the previous five books in order to appreciate character development. You will enjoy all of the stories. The subject matter of The Reveal is sensitive and timely, and is handled well throughout the book. I thought I had figured out the ending, but I was way off base, and surprised. Now I need to wait patiently for book 7. Mike Markel’s books should be on the Best Seller list!”

Thank you, Marjorie, and all the others who have spent some time with my two detectives and posted their reviews on Amazon. I do appreciate it.

Have a good holiday season!