Spam A Lot

When I set up this site about a week ago, I had to make a lot of technical decisions about settings. One of the decisions had to do with whether I would let people comment on my little posts at will or whether I would moderate the comments before they could appear.

Being a cautious person, I chose to moderate. I’m not bragging, but I think I made the right decision.

I have received close to fifty comments, of which a good forty-five are simply spam. Some folks are advertising products or services. But most of the folks–well, I have no idea what they’re doing. They send me weird comments, such as “Your blog is endlessly fascinating. I learned so much from it–and I will be sure to visit you often.” These posts, often written in very uncolloquial misspelled English, clearly reveal that the writer has never visited my site; they never refer to anything specific that has appeared on my site, and they praise my skills inordinately. I’m a married man; I know I’m not endlessly fascinating.

What I don’t understand is this: What is the purpose? I understand why people want me to buy their weight-loss products or get in touch with them for a really hot time (cash only, please). I don’t get why they want me to think they LOVE my blog? Is someone paying them to post this nonsense?

Can someone explain what I’m not understanding? Or should I just be glad someone says my blog is endlessly fascinating? Now, if you REALLY love my blog or my books–or like them, or tried hard to like them, or have heard that someone likes them, or can imagine that someone likes them–and I’ve blocked your comment, I’m very sorry. Try me again, and this time work the name of one of my books into the comment. I guarantee your comment will be displayed for the whole world to see–not because your comment is endlessly fascinating but because I do want to hear from you and communicate with you, one humanoid non-spambot to another.


8 thoughts on “Spam A Lot

  1. I have enjoyed the Seagate & Miner books. Just saw the prologue for ‘The Reveal’. Seems very exciting & would love to know approximately when it will be available. Keep them coming, love the stories, can’t put them down till they’re read to the end. Thank you.

    • Thanks very much, Judy. I’m aiming for November for The Reveal. I’ll give you a heads-up here on this site. Thanks for writing.

  2. Okay, Mike: Fractures. I own the book. I get a wealth of those I love your site, keep up the good work. I also call those spam…because the contact or website is a nothing. Don’t fool with those. And don’t tick the email addy. Mmm. Endlessly fascinating might be a come on. Don’t want to advise you on those. Nicely done page.

    • Thanks, Jackie, although I’m disappointed that “endlessly fascinating” might be a come-on. (If I used emoticons, I’d use one here, but since I don’t I won’t.) But, to be serious, I still don’t understand why people write those things. Are they getting paid by someone just to spam?

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